Why Assistanz for WHMCS module development and customisation?

WHMCS is one of the leading web hosting billing and automation platform since 2003. Assistanz has been in the Web Hosting support and automation industry since 2004, and having a deep understanding of the customer needs of this industry. We have been offering WHMCS support and customised solutions using WHMCS for more than 10 years now. Our WHMCS expert team can understand your business needs and come up with innovative solutions by WHMCS module development and customisation.

WHMCS Module Development & Customization

Personalise the WHMCS experience for your customers with our premium customisation services of WHMCS theme, order form or any other workflow in WHMCS. We are not limited to just design customisation, but also have expertise in provisioning modules development for various third party cloud providers including OnApp Cloud, and our own public cloud management portal for web hosting industry StackBill


Our WHMCS Services

Theme customisation

Orderform customisation

Workflow customisation

Custom Payment Gateway integration

Cloud provisioning module integration

OnApp WHMCS module integration & customisation

Custom Add-on module

Custom WHMCS Hook module

WHMCS version upgrade